For over 25 years Spifil® has offered solutions for filtration to the national and international markets. Spifil works with original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) to design, engineer, manufacture and test products for their equipment and/or appliances, including industrial, commercial and household.

Some of our OEM industry applications include:

• Petrochemical

• Oil and Gas

• Food and Beverage

• Medical and Pharmaceutical

• HVAC and Air Quality

• Water Purification

• Pool and Spa

• Transportation and Construction Equipment

• Household Appliances

Our innovative processes deliver precise OEM solutions with shorter lead times and improved quality. We are constantly investing in the latest, cutting-edge technology and training our staff in state-of-the art manufacturing methods. Our strength is in combining our proven technologies and years of application experience with the flexibility to engineer complete products that fit our client’s unique application requirements.

Whatever your filter needs, you can be sure that Spifil can deliver your exact requirements while offering cost effective solutions and support every step of the way.

With a variety of OEM’s in many countries that have a diversified range of applications, we offer shipment worldwide for all of our products. Please see our brochure or contact us to connect with a representative for your region.